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Aastha Rabbit Farmming in Gugrat are india based company located at Jind , UP , MP , Delhi , gujarat, ahmadabad city. We are in rabbit farming business and flourishing day by day with the support of farmers, ladies and your generation. This is a very high demanded product and we have made a huge customer from all over the india. Rabbit farming has helped farmers to enrich their lives and has given a new wealthy way to live. We are proud to announce that even ladies can do this business successfully and we have many examples for that. We are giving farmers training for making high profit in this business. In this world there is a huge demand of rabbits and we required more customers to fulfill the need of growing market. We are suppliers of hybrid rabbits to farmers to their door step. One unit includes 10 rabbits (7 females & 3 males) with high quality cages. We are also provide medicines, study materials and bowls for food and water.

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