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Aastha Rabbit Farmming , Rajasthan

* Rabbits are kept at home as pets, but rabbits are also kept and bred in farms for their fur and meat.

* They can be reared in the kitchen garden/backyard of farmer's house

* Apart from providing wool rabbits also provides income from manure etc.

* A rabbit's diet consists of grass and vegetables.

* Rabbit meat contains lesser amounts of cholesterol and is also very nutritious.

* Too much low cost for initial establish the Rabbit Farm.

For Aastha Rabbit Farrming Rajasthan, reproduction plays a vital role. Female rabbit is ready to accept male at about 6 months of age whereas male starts mating from 7 months onwards. For successful mating, doe should be put to the buck's cage and watch carefully for successful mating.

There are many potential benefits that may be realized from backyard rabbit raising. 

When planning your rabbit enterprise it will be important that you identify a goal and anticipated benefits from farming rabbits. An example of a primary goal is to produce enough rabbits so that the family might consume meat from two fryers per week the year-round.

Overall benefits from a backyard rabbit enterprise include: nutritious and wholesome meat; educational experiences for youth; enjoyable occupational activity; rich manure for gardening or flower beds; and potential income generation. According to the USDA, meat from domesticated is an all white meat product that is high in protein and low in fat, sodium and cholesterol as compared to other common meats, such as beef, lamb, pork and poultry. Rabbit meat has been recommended for years by some physicians to their patients with coronary heart conditions.

Roughly Calculation :

* Suppose you buy 10 units of Rabbits.

* That mean 70 females and 30 males.

* A Female Rabbit delivers 5 to 8 Babies in every 45 Days.

* Lets take 5 Babies/female per delivery.

* As Per Calculation 70 females will deliver 350 baby rabbits every 45 days.

* Every Child Rabbit will grow up 2 to 3 kgs. in three months.

* Let's take average 2 kg. per baby rabbit.


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